Brand new SC2Pro owner here! Quick question before I proceed.... (defective wheel?)

Just received long awaited SC2Pro today (have been saving up for this since the SC2 release announcement) and upon unboxing & setting the unit on my desk I noticed that the shaft was sticking / dragging quite a bit partway through the rotation. I have not plugged it in or powered it on at all yet because I’m concerned there might be something wrong with it. I took a short video, can someone let me know if this is OK or will the dragging and scraping noise go away when it’s powered on?

Wheel dragging and scraping video (streamable)

Could be clamp touching front of the motor case. Check this pdf.

Sounds like metal scraping on metal to me. My sc2pro is smooth as when turning whilst off. Can you hear whether noise emanates from the shaft or internally from the motor ?

I would follow the guide Andrew linked as maybe it is something very simple but quality control should have noticed that you would have thought.

We are sorry that this has happened. Do the simple adjustment as described in the PDF above. The instruction was originally written for early units with too greasy motor shaft, so you do not need to do the cleaning process.

Tightening the four bolts should be done in a cross pattern.

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Ah dang, saw this too late… Vendor replied very fast with a packing slip to have it sent back, I’m assuming to be fixed or replaced. I thought there might have been some interference between this coupler but I was weary of taking anything apart and have it turn out to be some further issue… When I held my ear up close to the unit it seemed to be coming from inside, not the shaft-end. Who knows… sound travels through metal so it’s hard to say.