Bracket for attaching a SC2 on SimLab Wheel Deck Mount


I have a SimLab P1X chassis with Wheel Deck Mount (, as I’m currently using it with an old Logitech G25. I’m planning on upgrading to a SC2 in the near future and wanted to know if there’s any compatible bracket (without drilling holes) to attach the SC2 to the Wheel Deck Mount, or if you would recommend me to ditch (aka sell) the wheel deck mount and go for the SimLab Front Mount (

Anybody with experience attaching an SC2 to a SimLab Wheel Deck Mount ?

Many thanks

Sim-lab sells compatible mount

I have used both Simlab mounts.

I personally would get the front mount. It is much nicer and gets the wheel back closer to you.

Many thanks, meanwhile I ordered the SC2 Sport and the bracket comes free with it, so I’ll see if I can fit that securely to my wheel deck, and if that’s not working out I’ll get myself a front mount.

Only problem is trying to sell the wheel deck maybe, not sure if there’s much demand for that.

I did the same thing and was able to sell my Sim Lab wheel deck through the iRacing forums replacing it with the Sim Lab front mount. If you are using the Sim Racing Bay side mount, you would need to drill holes for it to line up on that wheel deck. I ended up using a 24" length of extrusion ( to mount the included side mounts until the front mount arrived. 24" extrusion and (2x) 4 hold gusset brackets can be had for $22 through Tnutz.