Bouncing fault, argon tuning?

I have retro fit a milling machine with Argo drivers (runs 130v DC Servos), I am using the original PSU 2kw transformer, rectified to 110VDC. machine is mostly working other than what I would describe as a bouncing when the axis moves. It seems reach the position then reverse direction then go back to the correct position.

Here is a video of the fault:

I assume this is due to incorrect tuning of the drive, I have messed about with the KVP & KVI settings as per the wiki found here:
This is the output from the scope:

Messing with the KVP & KVI setting seemed to only allow me to drop the blue line from more of an angle to the flat as illustrated here:

But I am do not seem to be able to manipulate the blue line as shown here:

Any help would be appreciated.



Have you adjusted VFF and AFF?

Your KPP is 40. Have you adjusted that?

Sometimes tuning a motor can be tedious and time consuming. Have patience and you will get good tuning.

Kind regards, Esa

I have made some progress in the tuning of my servos, by far the biggest help was the acceleration limit (CAL), I had this set to 2000, once I set it right down to only 20, all my curves started to look much better. These are the final settings I settled on:

The number set to zero seems to have a very minimal impact.
Be prepared to spend several hours on experimenting with these settings.