Bosch absolute encoder compatiblity?

Hi forum. I’ve purchased Argon drive for assorted applications and learning. I’ve started to look on eBay for an inexpensive servo motors. Several offerings have absolute encoders and from looking at the Serial data encoders (SSI/BiSS) page it’s not clear to me whether I can determine compatibility before buying. One particular offerings for example shows the following:

Since this unit does not have incremental then the encoder cannot be used by Argon ?

Thanks, Sven

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Hi Nurber

Argon doesn’t support serial encoders, and that encoder doesn’t have either incremental nor sincos signals that could be used.

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Hello, did anything change with regard to serial encoder support? Argon status of feedback device support on wiki says “Planned”?

Hi Walter

We are currently busy with ongoing projects so the Argon serial encoder support has not advanced.

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Thank you. I’m using IONI drives at the moment so not a big problem. Just wanted to check.

Is there any update to the support of the aforementioned Bosch encoder?

The above Bosch encoder could actually be a Tamagawa serial encoder. I’ve read somewhere that next gen Granite drive will support this type of encoder