Bonding and Grounding

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Quick question and I apologize if it has been already answered as I tried to conduct a search on the topic.
How prevalent is EMI in these setups and is it something to be concerned with. Someone was warning me about it but it seems to me the motor is bolted to the chassis and using shielded cables should provide bonding between units so if I am using properly grounded power through my theater reference Surge/Line conditioner unit chances of EMI should be low or do you guys perform additional bonding steps on your rigs?

Grounding and EMI can be an issue, but usually they are quite easily mitigated with SimuCUBE-based setups. Important points are to verify that you are using a grounded mains outlet and that any extension cords are also grounded. In certain places in Europe and the world, such as Finland, grounding of mains sockets only became mandatory in new houses built in 1992 and later, so it can be possible to actually live in an apartment where the sockets are ungrounded type.

In addition to EMI issues, ground loops are also equally bad, and can cause similar issues, so experimenting and adding more grounding can sometimes be bad as well.

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Thank you for the reply that reinforces what I thought and yes my entire house is bonded and grounded at the plugs and I am using a very expensive power conditioner that the cube will plug into.
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I think often people confuse grounding loops with EMI.

I have been running my large Bogeyman servo at full 25A POS (38NM) since the day I installed it, no screen on the servo power cable, without ANY ill effect. I ran out of screened cable, so just used what I had available. If it doesn’t cause EMI with the Amperage levels I am running, I doubt this is an issue like with Argon.

Of course, I ensured the servo and my Simucube controller is properly grounded - what many however don’t know, is the fact that almost all of the wheel button controllers and pedal controllers come without grounded vias on the pcb (the SimuCUBE does!) and this absence lends the devices to be sensitive to spikes and stuff like that.

Simply running a small ground wire from any ground pin on that device down to earth, avoids these problems 100%.

The only wheel I ever owned that exhibited real EMI problems was my Argon-based early DD wheel, when combined with my Lenze servo - and that was almost 4 years ago.

With SimuCUBE, if you follow basic grounding principles, you will have zero issues. Just my humble view, I stand to be corrected.


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Grounding is very important, you’ll miss gearshifts otherwise.
The ground connection on the paddle shifters needs to be very good, so no going through several gang adapters. I have connected mine straight to a socket.

Sorry for replying in this older thread,

I’m have a simucube setup with a small mige and a Meanwell SDR 480, but not connected everything yet. Before I will turn it on, I wanted to address my question here.

The house I rent doesn’t have grounded sockets. None. Only the shed where the washing machine is has grounding. It’s a rented house so I can’t just change the electrical wiring. (Yes I am talking with the owner to make such changes, but that communication is very slow) So the question is, is it safe for the setup (and for me) to be powered without grounding?

As I comprehend from above, grounding is important, specifically to avoid EMI. However, it doesnt clearly mention that not grounding is a no-go in terms of risking a fried simucube. I couldnt find such statement in the wiki either.

Anyone that can comment on this please?

Go buy yourself a 12mm did by perhaps 600-900mm long copper rod, drive it into the soil outside your window and use that as a ground until your house-owner get it sorted. Should do the trick for you.


Lol should do. The rig is at the third floor. It will be a challenge, due to the height, but also since I have to place it in a garden that is property of the 80 year old women that lives below me. I’ll think about it haha.

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