Blocking fault 192000

Fault Location ID 19200 block the motor and true drive. Using stop button to reset do not resolve the issue

Which Simucube model? What serial number?

Hello Mika
finally someone answer me, I opened a ticket on granite site on Feb 7th and one yesterday but no one answered me. The model is simcube 2 ultimate serial 00004393, FCC ID:QoQBGM11 model SC2U01.
I tried to do all the possible tests but I could not make it work.

The first line of support is via your reseller. Have you contacted your reseller? It is likely that there is something wrong in the PSU or in the Simucube itself.

Yes I did it, I contacted SimTag and they opend a ticket too but till now no answers. I guess is the motor unit having problem cause the firmware could be updated both up and downgrade and the output of PSU is ok in all the pins of course when not loaded, could be the PSU if when the motor ask for power at startup it fail going in lower voltage. I guess the only way to exit from that point is a check from your side with teamviewer just to understand if is only a parameters problem or having the devise back to you for a hardware repair.