Blank taps on my profiles

Screenshot 2022-01-25 093811

Hi everyone does anyone know why i get these blank tabs when i hover over the little icons?

It seems to be some kind of tooltip rendering issue. We haven’t found a reason why it happens sometimes, but we are investigating it.

I’m pretty sure it’s not a Truedrive issue. I get the same thing in other programs (e.g. Content Manager) too.

Great thanks for the reply

Hey Gary,

Maybe i found a solution, it works for me. Go to taskmanager (you know with Cntrl-Alt Del) and look in the Tab " Services" . In there look for a service called “NahimicService”. Rightclick on it and disable the service. Then there should be no more blanc tabs. Good luck.

Hi Albert, i have checked and i have this service running do you know what this actually does as i dont want it to cause on other issues? the pc is a new build windows 11 which i have just got is this something that is needed for windows?

Hey Gary,

I’m not exactly sure, but it has something to do with Asus motherboard, it’s something that enhances music. As far as i can tell from information on google it doesn’t add much. And if you disable the service and something seems to go a bit wonky, you can always re-activatie the service again. Same way as disabling it.

I disabled it on my PC, and sofar nothing odd happened. And at least the textures act normal again.

Regards, Albert

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It’s for special effects on Realtek audio, useless but causing bunch of issues. Disable in Services.

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Just for general info, the easiest way to open task manager is to press ctrl-shift-esc

Thanks Nrde, one learns every day :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone thats done the trick tabs are now coming up correctly im sure i was having a problem with something else and had to remove sonic rader software i might just uninstall the full software i dont think im using it it just came installed on the pc.

Hopefully you know what this issue is i have tried to sort it and posted on f/b page but could not solve the problem im currently running triple screens as one through NVidia i think they call it landscape/surround mode or something basically it puts all three screens as one and there is no issues playing games but when i use youtube on full screen mode i cannot use the onscreen controls also if i try put file explorer or a internet tab it does not fit the screen hope this makes sense

Just a long shot here Gary, but did you set the resoltion taking in account the right bezel correction in configuring surround?

In the nvidia control panel there is 2 i can choose one is 7680x1440 (recommended) but i have it on 7790x1440 (bezel corrected)

it also looks the same using either resolution, so im stumped on how to sort it the thing im thinking is that its a glitch with windows 11??

Those setting seem right to me. Hard to imagine it’s a windows 11 glitch though. I’m affraid i can’t help you with this.

Thanks for helping its a strange one i know