Bit noise when power button is ON

Hi, I have a question please.
Every time, when I finish to play I power off PC and then power off the button on rear of my sc2 pro. Yesterday I forgot to turn off the button and I listen a bit and continuous noise comes from servo motor (I can t explain exactly, it seems as a bit fan sound, but I know there isn’t a fan inside).
I bought my sc2 pro 2 months ago and I had never noticed this sound before yesterday. I am almost sure it was always completely silenced when I turn off only pc.
So my question is: is it normal I listen this sound? Or there could be some problem on my sc2?
Thanks so much

This sounds completely normal to me.

Hi Mika, thanks for your reply.
I have done some tests just now and it happen when I use my new wheel with integrated display. If I unplug it I don’t listen noise from sc2, when pc is off. If I plug wheel usb and its power supply usb cable (and pc is off) I listen the beep of activation of sc2, and I start to listen the noise.
Tried with my old wheels (it is a simple USB wheel without display) and I don’t see “issues”.
Could be a “problem” of power supply/interferences between sc2 motor and my new wheel?

It is possible your wheel with display is emitting EMI noise that is being picked up by the SC2 unit. This will not affect the operation of your system. Slight hissing is possible but should be disregarded.