BISS-C Encoders? And Resonance noise when calibrating

Hello, this is a two part question about my SimuCube OSW which was made by as their “SW20” model.

First, my unit has a much older 10,000 ppr encoder. Does anyone know of sources where I could buy a BISS-C encoder (with updated cable) anymore? SRB and others all seem to no longer have stock.

Second, during calibration my wheel gives off lots of resonance sound (i think that’s right term), but doesn’t seem to continue after calibration has completed. Is there anything I can do about this? In rare situations my wheel will fail during calibration (usually error 0, motor fault) but will work on a second boot up. And in an even more rare instance (maybe game specific, as I’ve only recently experienced this with WRC Generations) where my FFB will just stop after a large “knock”… but if I hit the E-Stop for 5-10 seconds and then release it, FFB will be back again.

Sorry if I need to provide more info, but thank you for any insight about this. Hoping to learn more to continue the longevity of my now 5 year old OSW.


Have had some replies via the discord, thanks all for helping. Including a referral to a contact at MiGE for a BISS-C encoder plus required cable.

As further back story for longest of time I had left my SimuCube base on an older firmware (November 4th, 2018 / 0.11.2) since I was having no issues. But with WRC Generations I was having issues (no actual FFB, but endless center spring and vibration effects), so I decided to update to latest firmware (October 6th, 2021 / 1.0.40) and since then the startup/calibration has become less reliable.



Both were happening frequently, but usually on 2nd or 3rd hard startup it would then complete calibration and work just fine for the session. With some further investigation I set it to IONI Config mode and loaded up Granity. Granity had prompted me that it needed to reset something (didn’t pay enough attention) and then restarted the drive. Since then it’s been ok… I’m not sure if maybe it was because the IONI firmware hadn’t fully updated/configured until I did this? I am going to continue to monitor as Mika in the discord had suggested “The servo drive waits for voltages to be within limits before starting the phase search. Sounds like a power supply issue to me.”, so will need to monitor and test if this is indeed the start of a power supply issue, but hopefully nothing more.

If anyone can provide further insight, suggested tests to complete, let me know as I continue to monitor the thread and situation. Thanks!

Given that is says that the last fault came from power limits I would suspect it is the psu. What do you have as your wattage pull limit? You can try updating the drc file.I have a bunch of verified ones on the old I racing forums. If you do t have that access let me know dm through discord and I will get you the one for your setup.