Big EMI issues?!

Hey guys,
unfortunatly I have a BIG issue and i can’t solve it.

The Problem: Since I bought my first DD-Base i upgraded also my wheel. It was working well for the first three months. The my wheel got some random disconnects (GSI FPE). they got worse and worse to the point that i Cant connet my wheel to my PC. We tried different usb cables, a completly new pc and some grounding cable from the base to my pc. it did not work. so i got a whhel with less demands as long the GSI was to repairs in the US.
Again everthing was working fine until today. The next wheel had some disconnects to the point that i cant connect it to my PC anymore. As i was trying different USB Ports I got a bluescreen from my pc and i had to shut it down.
I’m completly helpless as I don’t know what to do anymore. I destroyed 2 wheel in half a year since I got my new DD. Can anybody hgelp me? I can Provide Photos if needed.

Thanks in advance

Do you think it’s Simucube related?? And are you absolutely sure all your problems (which are of course a nightmare to you) are EMI related?

The problem is that I can’t spot the cause of the problem. I changed all other components and have still the same problems. Maybe somebody has the same problem

I changed the pc, the wheel, some cables und grounding cables and so on

1.Is your Simucube power supply connected to your wall socket directly. If you use some power extender, be sure to provide grounding aswell, some of them dont. Maybe send over some pictures of your wall socket, cable etc.
2. Try wheel on some other computer
3. check USB cable from wheel