Best place in the US to get a wheel side quick release?

A friend in the US is looking for an extra quick release- any suggestions?

Standard SC2 quick release?
If yes

Ricmotec is pretty expensive ($90USD) is there anyone in the US with equivalent pricing to what they sell for in Europe (55Euro->$65USD)?

I don’t know anyone who has any for less $$ in the USA.

You have to remember margins on this stuff is really low.

Someone who is selling in the USA has had to deal with currency exchange (Which is an added fee) and pay much more shipping costs than the resellers in Europe.

You might be able to get for less shipped from Demon Tweeks. Looks like $83 + $13 shipping to US (MA). I’ve bought a few things from DT without issue.

This looks like a bit less than Ricmotech, both item price and shipping.

Oh yes, Ive heard good things about Demon Tweeks!

I ordered my setup (base, pedals and wheel) from them on the 22nd of December and it was delivered to my door in South Africa on the 29th which was not bad considering there was Christmas inbetween

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Derek Speare sells them for $70:

Done business w/ him before, would recommend.

Derek is not Simucube dealer anymore, so that page you linked you won’t be able to navigate from main web site.
Too bad, he did have the best prices, I got my SC2 Pro from him. Guess now if anything happen I’d need to deal directly with Granite, same as people who purchased from Tomo.

Did you ever ask him what happened?

Seems odd that people would drop out of being a dealer, especially in the US where there’s not much competition, and it’s not like there are a lot of parts to stock either.

I mean, if you think about it, some guy started an online bookstore in his garage, needing to inventory 100,000’s of books, and compete against every bookstore in the country.

All Derek had to do was stock a few wheelbases, some quick releases, maybe a spare pin, and he had like 2 competitors - I don’t get why he stopped.

If it was that simple, everyone would have been a reseller.

Is that why Tomo opted out too?

I don’t know any details regarding resellers for GD, Andrew, basically just saying from my view as regional director for our Automation company in India/Australia/New Zealand and Indonesia, running reseller-channels are very unique and challenging proposition.

So there are quite big things involved, it is like managing a business, doing forecasts and estimations on product requirements, setting pricing levels, looking at support, margins, few other KPI’s. Also having global open competition and different pricing levels to different resellers could pose problems to those resellers in smaller areas, for example. Service and support requirements and capabilities, technical skills, product reliability, all those need to be considered and catered for, depending if you have sales-agents, or resellers.

Contractual rules /Terms and Conditions between those two entities are very different, so for one, you can tell them how to price, for the other, they are allowed to set their own pricing, things like that…

So not related to sim-industry, but still same rules would apply.

It’s really cool that you have this background!

I was just saying, Derek already made the cut to be a reseller, so I was curious what happened.
I wonder if these folks are all concerned about the pivot to direct sales (which would be a valid concern, and a good reason not to have a bunch of inventory on hand)

There was an announcement about Tomo (Sim Racing Bay) that he was pivoting to be a supplier of Simucube wheels - I can only guess that something in the reseller agreement prevents wheel makers from being wheelbase resellers, probably with the goal of keeping things fair for the other resellers.

Aftermarket Simucube QR

I believe that Simon over at SRM ships to the US…Very promptly also