Bend in motor/QR with Simucube 2

So ive had my SC2 Pro for a couple months now. Been awesome just a little thing Ive found with it. Its got a little bend in the main shaft of the QR or main steering column. Im posting it here just to see if anyone has had this problem before or theirs is like this.
Heres the video.

Thankyou, Smilez101.

That is no issue at all. You will get it to some degree if a shaft clamp-adapter is used. It was much more noticeable on OSW setups though.

Plus, your servo will never spin like that under driving conditions…

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If the wheelbase side part of the Simucube Quick Release, that is, the black part which is over the cone clamp adapter, would be always exactly straight, it would require laser measurements. I think it is put on via a special tool at the factory, but its position is not monitored in exact way when it is tightened.

So whats going on here? This doesnt really seem like a over $2000 AUD product to me… Shouldnt y’all test this stuff before you send it all out, not a big fan so far.

Not sure what is going on there. How tight is the QR pin in your unit?

Sorry for the late reply. But its tight. You can spin it though.

I just got my quick release assembled and it looks like in your video maybe you didn’t use washers inside the QR? When I was assembling and didn’t use washers there was a small gap like that even though the bolts were tight.

Looks pretty much normal. The SQR design allows slight movement against the ball plungers & the pin, however the illustrated movement should not be noticeable or “happening / moving” while driving.

I can’t precisely say what’s going on with the shaft that seems to be wobbling as if the shaft would be bent. I would say that you need to be pretty strong to bend the 24mm steel shaft with your hands if that is indeed bent. The shaft however did not come with the bent from the lathe.

But, as @phillip.vanrensburg said, it is likely to come out of the cone clamp and that is normal. The reason for that may be that the cone clamp is tightened slightly unevenly (4 screws) and the cone clamp is not even made for perfect alignment as in industrial environment, the perfect alignment issues are fixed with shaft couplings.

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If the pin is very easy to spin, then maybe it should be just a tiny bit tighter. You can adjust the ball plunger tightness.

Exactly this, it is the same with any and all clamp-adapters I have used on these servos over the past 5 years. Thus not an issue at all.

As Mika has said as well, wrt the slight looseness of the pin, adjust the screws to tighten up the fit :wink:

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