and Simucube 2

Hi everyone, I would like to share my setting for Beamng.Drive in game settings and TD profile setting. This the best I could came up with BeamNG for Rally and Regular drive. Please share yours if you have better settings.

In game Settings ,

TD for regular drive,

TD for Rally,

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Hey mate thanks for the settings! Do you have updated settings you’d recommend?

I noticed you have max force in game that I don’t have in game (taken out in an update?).

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Sorry for the late reply. Since the last game update which is 0.2.something the FFB from the game is lacking. For the Force FeedBack in-game I think they moved it to tuning in vehicle config, so each car has its own unique FFB. One last thing check the car and make sure does not have power steering which can be located in vehicle config> Parts>front suspension steering < most of the vehicle has this path.