Bathurst loud grrrrrrrrrr

Hey guys I have an old Simucube 1 board with ioni …anyhow i use Mmos2014… when i go over the mountain at Bathurst just as i hit brakes for the chicane before the very twisty bit my wheel gives a loud brief GRRRRRR as if it’s going over ripple strips across the road… what is the setting I shud use or change in Mmos2014 to lessen or remove that load harsh grrrrr…

On raceroom ?
For test

Damn …sorry I forgot to mention Asetto Corsa Competizione

screenshot off current settings

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ramp up overall filter

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filtro de reconstruccion al 7/8

Either Up the overall filter like already proposed or use lower road effect or lower gain. High ffb could make such noise.

My son actually rectified the problem by actually taking a different line through that part of the track . There seems to be a very rough rumblestrip just off the racing line