Bad Drifting settings in assetto corsa

I’m struggling with my settings in AC.
Trying to do some drifting with my Simucube small life bids encoder.
But,I feel like the wheel rotation is way to fast. It’s impossible to get the smooth returning in drift,the wheel is so fast that I have no chance to controll the counter steer.
Could someone help me with some good settings?

The wheel rotation should be as fast as the car rotates.
If not you have the wrong steering lock. In Content Manager check the “Auto-adjust scale to match car’s steer lock” under Settings / Assetto Corsa / Controls / Axis.

Smooth transitions and end of drifts makes the steering wheel a lot more calm.

I find that using some dampening helps me to control the steering response & speed much better and DD-wheels tend to be much quicker at rotating than many of us can catch (at just the right spot). Also be sure to enable the Gyro effect (AC) - if you haven’t already. Significant dampening plus lower FFB-strength should make drifting easier and more natural for you. More dampening can also better replicate the RL steering feel & behavior under normal racing conditions.