Automobilista 2 - Simucube 2

Just starting a new thread regarding upcoming settings for AMS2 and SC2. Beta is coming this week 28/2.2020 for Early Backers.


I have had email contact with Renato but he has not answered my request for beta nor to my email about another matter two weeks ago.


I was thinking the same. I hope he will answer and if not finger crossed that everything would work fine

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Believe I will be testing the game as soon as the beta is available. Get in touch if there is anything I can do to help out.

Same here…

Same here. I hope it would be good. Tired of iracing car physics

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Run Forrest, Run. :rofl:


And hope for some simucube 1 love also :pray:


They have a forum; it may be worthwhile posting there?

Beta times:

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Some info regarding FFB

  • Even though the UI options are very similar to Project Cars 2, you should not assume your settings from PC2 (assuming you had that title) remain applicable to Automobilista 2 - in particular FFB and AI as systems and scalars have been completely revised. - start from our current defaults and tune to preference from there;

  • Default FFB settings are designed for Logitech G2X series - if you have wheels with stronger motors you should scale those settings down to avoid clipping; Direct Drive wheels should have Low Force Boost and FX sliders zeroed out;


Anybody get their wheel to work? It just keeps saying multiple inputs and there aren’t any.

Yes, make sure you rotate in the intended direction then return to center. It’s a finicky, it’s like 90 degrees rotation or smth like that.

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Yes, my SC2 Pro is working… was not that easy though. First I had to map inputs, pedals and wheel.
Then calibrate. Think I choose Fanatec DD2 as base.

FFB settings in game that seems to work. True Drive @ 12Nm (48%)


My Simucube 1 is working but evidently like the first game, there isn’t auto steering rotation in the game. I have Simucube set to 900 degrees and the game is also calibrated to that but most of the race cars I’ve tried are taking way too much wheel to turn.

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Yeah, dont think the soft lock works in the game.

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I tried that. Checked di view too definitely nothing on when it shouldn’t be. No matter what I do its telling me multiple inputs. I tried custom first like I use in PCars but I tried the other wheels too and its the same result. Well im getting frustrated at this point so maybe tomorrow ill see if I can map the wheel and calibrate it then do the pedals after.

Make sure it says separate pedals. Here is my sceen.

As a sidenote: FFB in ams2 runs at 720Hz so I think we can go with pretty low Recon Filter, maybe 1?

So how is FFB, seems like initial reports are not that positive, more PCars2 than AMS 1, makes sense due to the Madness engine.

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