Automatically Save Settings Problem

I am having problems with True Drive 2020.3 automatically saving settings when I am playing with settings and have not hit the Save Settings button.


Which settings do you mean? All changes that you make in True Drive are automatically applied to device, and the save -button is for permanent saving.

The “settingssavedelay” or something on the advanced tab in True Drive is also a secondary indication of some telemetry downloading happening on the background.


Yeah the applied changes to settings would automatically “Permanent Saved”

I would change settings on my Dirt Dally 2 settings and close the program without hitting the “Save Settings Button” and when I load up True Drive again the settings that I changed was saved.

Yes, that is expected, the settings are downloaded from the device when you start True Drive.

So… what is the point of the “save settings to simucube” button?

You can make accidental changes and its going to be permanent?

I don’t think i’m being clear.

I am “NOT” hitting the “Save settings to Simucube” button.

But it still saves the settings like i did.

The save settings button saves the settings so that they will retain even after power is lost.

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Restart the device without hitting the save button and tell us what you see :wink:

The SC2 controller should revert back to your previously saved settings…but note, like Mika says, making changes, but not saving them, will be active on the SC2, restarting TD will not change the status.

Restarting the device though should/will.


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Mika and Beano already explained it.
Essentially all on the fly changes are still stored in servo’s volatile memory, not just TD, so restarting app does not clear it up.
Saving persists it to the EPROM (flash) so it can survive servo restarts.