Augury 18nM support WiFi module?

Hello guys, do you know or do you try WiFi module on Augury 18nM (SC1) system?

thank you!

Its BlueTooth no? For wireless steeringwheels.i am guessing…

i mean this…i see that can mount on SC1 systems to support wireless wheels…

Yes, it works, but signal reception strength is not optimal the receiver is installed inside the metallic casing directly on the board.

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have disconnects?..cause case have fins on sides and maybe not too much problem.

We have not tested it with the Augury case. You can test if it works well. There are inexpensive ways to bring the receiver outside the case as well.

thank you very much…like??

You can design a 3D-printed case for the receiver module and use extension cable. There does not exist an extension cable for this that is officially supported by us, but something similar to this would be OK to try.

But please test without such extension first.

yes…yes…it is the easier way to do that…i think about it already…i ask if there is some adapter or extention for example!..but i will do it…it is very easy!