Assign high torque mode to wheel button?

is it possible to assign high torque mode to a wheel button ?


Unfortunately this is not possible.

my problem,I a have a triple screen which a second monitor. True Drive always starts in the main triple, so I have to position it manually before starting the game to the second monitor.
If I occasionaly forget it, I could not reach true drive to activate high torque mode, only I closing the main application.

You can permanently enable High Torque mode, in this case it will be auto activated on TD startup.
Check User Manual on instruction.

Get a program called display fusion. You can set up triggers so when you open a program it will open on a specific monitor. It has many uses for multi monitor setups. You can get it on steam. Steam sale starting on the 22nd

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We did have “save window position” function at some point, but a rather popular audio driver solution on many Asus motherboards had an issue that blocked the drawing of the window then. Only a white window was shown when the window geometry was being restored.

Same issue affected also other software.

We may try to enable it again soon.