Assetto Corsa - wheel rotates to the left when hot lap or race session loads


Whenever I launch a hot lap or race session in AC, (using Content Manager) the wheel rotates to the left and I have to correct it.

It’s not a big deal as this happens prior to launching the actual race.

This doesn’t occur with any other sim so I was wondering if there is a setting in SimuCube to prevent this?

Many thanks,


It does not happen to me when using Content manager, but it was last summer when I tried it. You are the first to report such thing happening, so we will investigate this sometime soon

It happens to me too with Content Manager.
I’m not that bothered by it though.

I use Content Manager regularly, including with the latest firmware, and thankfully this has never happened to me. Maybe it is something within Content Manager’s own settings that causes this for some.