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Hey, just received my SC2 Pro last week and been playing around with the settings available on TD but mostly with ones from this forum, to be exactly I have 2 settings:

•Updated settings from @Panschoin
•Settings from @Andrew_WOT

I don’t understand much about settings tbh, mostly I use the wheelbase for drifting but would like to have some settings for regular racing and enjoy all the details that SC2 is able to provide (making sure I’m not missing anything and getting the most from such wheelbase)

I really like both of the settings metioned above, feel like @Andrew_WOT settings are more snappy, heavy and more towards a race/track car, can still drift with them but sometimes when i crash or spinout it gets crazy (I use high torque because I like the feeling of fighting with the wheel we can say)

Like I set, I’m pretty happy with my unit and settings from both users (just switch depending o car/track), I just want to make sure I’m not missing anything as I don’t know much about settings…thank you in advance

You can look at my settings in the padock, under my nickname. getmlh they are simple, but you have to make settings in content manager that I mentioned.

I propose you to look at your gforce settings aswell. I drive all sorts of open wheeler cars in AC, cockpit view and RHM integrated. Gforce is in many situations at the maximum possible and that should be taken into consideration when do a setup. I also use FFB settings from CM and not the older Gyro and then adjust the FFB adjustments per car, in-game. You can set the max force you want to use in Nm and the system will propose you the best settings. I don’t use curb, ABS, street effects because they are pumped up and artificial to give you a better sensation without being really genuine.

Hey, thanks for the reply! Where can I find the G forces settings you mentioned above?
I play with RHM activated and do the same thing, i setup the TD and after that just adjust the in game car FFB in the controller.
About the effects, like i mentioned above i have 2 settings, and the settings from @Panschoin actually have some efects activated and i actually find them pretty good in the feel when driving. When drifting you cant really feel much.
Would you mind sharing your settings over here so i can try them out and compare?

Hey, I found your settings on the paddock, just couldn’t understand the in game settings in the description, would you mind sharing them over here? Would like to try them out, thanks

Yes, no problem, maybe this afternoon in France :wink:

Assetto Corsa with Content Manager
View&UI, on top right
You address them here:

My TD settings for AC

Damn I got the wrong thread my settings are on this thread, if an admin can move my message I thank him