Assetto Corsa, Content manager, and SC2

I am just looking ahead and wanted to know should I use content manger with my SC2 pro. I have read in some forums to not open both the game and content manager because using both with cause FFB issues. But does the content manager get updated along when the game does always to prevent issues with FFB? Should I use this with the wheel? I do like the ease of setting up a private server for a few of my friends to race on with CM but don’t want issues to arise from it.

AC has been last updated in 2016

Just use CM and never open the default UI again, I haven’t used it in years

Assetto corsa , content manager and simucube 2 pro It is wonderful :heart_eyes:

Just be careful with “fixed” gyro in FFB Tweaks, it can really throw things out of balance.

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For my part FFB tweaks is disabled, I use the original gyroscope AC

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CM is foa just another way to launch Assetto Corsa. So you use either CM to start AC or the original exe.
CM has different sections. One of them is “Assetto Corsa” where you control the settings similar to the original UI.
Paid version of CM is extending the variety of settings available, has mod launcher integrated, a very decent solution to install additional content like cars, apps, tracks, setups ammo.
Python is integrated aswell, so you have all in one UI.
Not to forget the continuous improvement in almost all sim related, important basic factors like FFB, physics, AI and a huge section coming with CSP, RHM…
The list is almost endless but to make a long story short:
CM replaces the way you start Assetto Corsa. You should never start both of them at the same time!

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Yes it’s exactly that, besides I don’t start the assetto launcher anymore, I just use Cm it’s so much more convenient

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Good to know for sure! I just read that opening both can cause settings to cache in one or the other and mess up FFB settings so I will stick with content manager only when I start. One other question regarding CM, I have seen that there are ways to add traffic AI to maps (wish devs would just allow AI racers in private lobbies with custom tracks) that CM is sometimes causing issues with it working. Are there any mods or settings that can cause conflict between CM and the game?

CSP/CM support


Let’s keep Mika and GD team busy with SC2 support, not CM or any other 3rd party issues.


Alright. I didn’t want to bother the devs or support team with this anyway just the other community users. I’ll join these discords though later today. Thanks Andrew

I choined the discord aswell. I think that it should still be possible to discuss what you brought up, especially when there is a topic on Simucube 2 and games. Those which don’t want to answer, feeling annoyed or are too busy simply should ignore it. It’s not very friendly in the first way and speaking for others is ok when they can’t do it themselves. Immho you didn’t do something wrong