Assetto competzione lost ffb

Yesterday i bought acc and did test it for 1hour. After my testing i tried it in vr. Suddently the ffb was lost 100% gone. I cant get it to work again with or without vr. Could someone help me?
Osw simucube 20nm

Go to the official ACC forums. I recall seeing similar reports there.

Did you try to push the emergency stop button?

Never touch it:)…

I was just reading about a user with a similar issue; he found that he has to start the programs he has running during play in a certain sequence in order for things to work properly. That sounds like USB-related issues for sure but, spreading the heavy USB-loads (VR and DD) to ports connected to different root hubs can help.

Adding a USB-PCIe card with Dedicated Channels can be very effective too.

If the game freezes or throws an error code it can lock some ffb effects on to the simucube and make the wheel either stuck in a continuous left/right position or go completely limp. Go to the advance settings in simucube and click the “reset force feedback device state” This usually returns ffb to the motor. Afterwards, it’s a good idea to reload settings from the drive.

Latest build is a drama game crashing after 3/4 lap and FFB Hangs to.
It is also strange that VR Odyssey Always start even when I when I want to play only on monitors

Silly suggestion, but since that title is a hot mess, you should check the in-game FFB slider just in case it was returned to zero (like mine was after the recent patch).

On a positive note they seem to have made some headway with the frame rate in VR, but there’s still something very ‘off’ about it.
I never ever get motion sickness and ACC makes me feel like I had 5 shots of scotch more than I’ve had.
But progress from that last time I tried a few months back.