Asking about DIY servo drive fos cnc with step/dir

Good day.
I was see this ioni was sjport for servo drive. I have ac servo drive 200v with 2000ppr encorder. I want to use for my cnc ( my hobby) i see it posible to coustem by customer, how much for that, and working for step/dir interfce. Just step/dir interface, i like elektro, i want diy for the driver, i have been longtime loking for the mcu are suport foc with step/dir for ac servo drive on github. I see stmbl, but it to much comunication i dot wamt to used that but need change the frimeware.
And now i see this. I hope some body can tell me. Thank u๐Ÿ™


At the moment we would not offer customization for DIY / single users. We do have some projects with customers of our servo drive products where we have made customizations to firmware, but those have been separately agreed projects.

Our servo drive products are not available in our web shop at the moment, but you can make a quotation on the website (there should be a form). Minimum order quantity is 10 pcs.

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So nothing is open source sir? I see argon is open source, on your github also. But only for the frimeware sir that full open source??. Or use simple motion library?? To make my ac servo working with step/dir sir?

Argon servo drive was dual-CPU design with a closed source core and open source part that we shared on Github. Argon is now discontinued product and we donโ€™t have those anymore.

For our IONI line of servo drives, the servo drives themselves are closed source. There is SimpleMotionV2 API that can be used to talk with the drives and make all kinds of applications e.g. on any microcontroller such as Teensy ( or even Arduino) and Raspberry Pi etc.

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For this it posible to make drive for step/dir?? With stm32f401?? Or that only api for comunication(trying for servo drive) like aasd or orther that servo drive already done.
And your iono it posible to drive ac servo sanyo denki 200v with 2000ppr ABZ
I want to buy

IONICUBE and IONI do have step/dir inputs already, that is supported by default on all IONI servo drive models.

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How about simplemotion sir?? That is for make the driver or for trying driver like ioni or aasd servodrive??

SimpleMotionV2 is our opensource API to make apps to control our servo drives through a RS485 based bus.

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How much ioni to indonesia bali sir??

You should use the quotation form on the website for price quotations.