Asher Racing Wireless Wheel Disconecting


My Ascher Racing Wireless Wheel (F28-SC V1) has disconnected in the middle of an iRacing race several times now. I have to turn it off, wait for it to reconnect, then it operates again as usual. This results in about 10 seconds with no gear change and multiple lost places.

I am hoping someone else has had a similar problem and found the issue and a solution? Oh I have it connected to a Simucube Pro 2.

Thanks very much.

i do not have wireless wheel …but i have read on some forums that batteries in the wheel maybe the problem
check out the Iracing forum or contact Acher
also check that the antenna on your SC2 is not loose if it is you have to take of the rear plate to tighten can not be done from the outside

Thanks for your reply Bluey.

The battery strength seems fine and TrueDrive shows 100% signal strength in all rotations of the wheel so assume the antenna is fine.

I will try other forums and contact Ascher, just trying to avoid a return to manufacturer as it’s my only wheel.

All the best

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what version of True Drive are you using?

I just checked and I was running 2021.1, so now upgraded to 2021.5.

Thanks for the point in that direction, I can see one of the updates fixed some issues with wireless wheel buttons, so I am optimistic this might sort the problem.

I will update once I have tested (only happens every 20 races or so, so will take some time!)

Thanks again

Mine did this, changed batteries, no more problems.

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Just for completeness, upgrading the firmware sorted my issue, very very happy.

Thanks all for your help!

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