Ash Sutton with his SimuCube2



See Ash got his pro I’m awaiting for mine to come on slow boat to simtechracing When’s it coming eager to review it.


Thanks for the link.

Now, I wonder what is plugged into the accessory port?


Maybe the Simtech pedals?


Thank you.

Now I’ve paid more attention to the picture and you are correct :blush:


O sorry should of repled yes the Simtech racing pedals goes where that yellow cable goes the pedals are excellent too did a review of them on my website.


No problem at all. My fault for not engaging my brain!

Should have recognised those pedals straight away as I remember you reviewing them on your channel. Very nice they are too :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah they are well planned and nicely built and at a good price good news today for simtechracing and obp going into partnership I’ve made a article on my site about it. I hope the review was ok I try my best.


I enjoyed watching and will pop over to the site to have a read about them.

Thanks for the heads up!