Ascher wheel icon needed!

Can anyone help me i need a image of my wheel its the ASCHER RACING F28-SC V2 when i connect my rim now its the older wheel image and i cannot get an image the right size, i have tried to do it but im useless

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wheel ascher

try now

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There is already a thread for wheel images, we don’t need another one

Thanks so much, i have just tried it now and its perfect. Gary

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I did have a quick look to try and find a post but did not find anything. Maybe in the future instead of replying with a skit comment maybe try to help the community, you could of sent the link for the post which would of been appreciated. I really don’t get people who take the the time to reply with a pointless comment, you just make yourself look like a D***.

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I’m sorry what? Google is also a great tool

for the next few times follow this procedure: 1. create with photoshop a layer with transparent background with dimensions 400px X 400px 2. import your image of the steering wheel and center it in the layer created before. If the image is large you just have to resize it to fit. 3. save the file in .png format to maintain transparency.

Thanks for the picture. I’ve bought this steering wheel a few days ago and i’m using the old version. It’s not so important but now it will look better matching with the new version.


it is a pleasure… bye bye