Ascher Racing Wireless Wheel F28-SC V2 funkyswitches acting funky

Funkyswitch rotation seems to be hit or miss in some scenarios with the Ascher Wireless Wheel F28-SC V2.

Has anyone run into this?

It’s the strangest thing - in the ACC menus where you set what control does what - rotations only register about one in 3 rotations, yet in game they have worked every single time.

I’ve also noticed that in truedrive, they are often missed.

Just wondering if this is something to worry about and if I should have my wheel replaced.
(signal strength is at 100%)

That’s normal behaviour and nothing to worry about.

My Sim Racing Bay GT3 encoders have had the exact same behaviour since the day I got it. The ACC menus are particularly bad at feeding back a visual indication that you’ve assigned the control.

Its all to do with update rate in the UI. True Drive updates only at 25 Hz and might miss encoder presses due to this, and in similar fashion ACC menu updates at a lower rate. Games read the buttons via “subscribing” to updates from DirectX API and can still handle things appropriately.

Recently, there was a game without a FPS limiter in the in-game menu…

That makes a lot of sense, thanks Mika!

And when you say truedrive updates at 25 hz, you mean the display in the UI?
That’d explain why the wheel often lags it’s real world position.

Is there any way that truedrive could determine if it’s the dominant window and increase the update rate to 60 when it’s window has the focus and then drop it down when it does not?


Yes, and it used to be that way, but then people complained that it consumed too much CPU so we decided to reduce the rate.

Ahh - whats that old phrase? "You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all the time. I guess in the grand scheme of things it’s a small detail.

If it’s ever possible in the future to get a “low CPU mode” checkbox that toggles the behavior, that’d be great- It’d be wonderful to use the UI to confirm that all the buttons work on a new wheel or button box.