Ascher Racing F28-SC V2

I am very curious to see if anyone has bought the new Ascher wheel

I am keen on purchasing this but would like some community feedback

Anything from Ascher or sold by SRB is going to be good. Great company to deal with.

Nobody is allowed to sell it until March 30th.
So you will have to wait a bit for any end user feedback.

Currently owning the F28-SC V1 with leather wraps, the only thing that interests me with V2 are the rubberized grips. Driving can get pretty fatiguing with current wheel, so a little bit of padding / give in the wheel would be welcome. The shape change doesn’t mean much since your hands never let go of these types of steering wheels when driving - if anything it looks a little more like a Cube Controls formula wheel and loses some of it’s previous charm due to unique design.

I just got one.

The unit is solid - the rubber grips feel nice.

Shifters are fine.

Buttons are a little hard to press but not terrible.

Funkyswitches feel great physically.

Buttons all come blank and you apply stickers.

Came with 6 screws + washers for attaching a QR (not included).