Ascher Racing B16M-SC won't stay connected


I have been successfully using an Ascher Racing F28-SC V2 with my wheelbase.

I recently purchased a B16M-SC to use with a round wheel, the button plate is detected and connects with 100% signal strength, but then immediately disconnects.

Any clues on what may be wrong?

Thanks in advance,


It might be empty battery.

I’ve seen battery replacement mentioned on several forums in the past as well - definitely worth trying.

Also, you might confirm you have the back antenna on - and be careful not to overtighten it, as it can spin the wire on the back of the connector and eventually break it off.

There is a Service article somewhere that shows how to tighten the connector safely if needed.

But for now, I think a new battery is your best first step.

I will add that, yes, it was easy to spin the antenna connector to cause it to loosen, but we have since fixed it in production to make it much harder to cause it to loosen up.

Great news on the antenna!

Thanks both, I’ve ordered a replacement battery, hopefully that works!

New battery fitted, problem solved :slight_smile:

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