Ascher F64 V3 USB and SC versions

I’ve seen that Ascher Racing have announced their new F64-USB V3 wheel.

I see they have their normal USB version as the Simucube only supports up to 28 inputs wirelessly, hence the separate F28 wireless wheel and the F64 USB wheel.

But in their announcement email to me they say:
" On 08/01/2022 we start selling only the USB version but there will also be a SC Version available in approx. Q4/22"

Does anyone know how there will be a 64 input SC version? I’m presuming it’ll be a wireless version. Does that mean there is going to be a wireless upgrade for the Simucube?

The Simucube 2 firmware already supports our new wireless wheel module that has the analog inputs and more digital inputs. From wheel base side, it is fully software only update.

Hi Mika,

Thanks for the response.

Just to clarify, does that mean my current Simucube Ultimate will support more than 28 inputs from a wireless rim moving forward?

If so, I’m definitely going to wait for the SC version of the F64.

I already answered that.

Starting which version?
Somehow I have expected a bigger announcement on what looks like an important milestone, after all it was in talks for years, including list of partners that will be supplying wheels with new wireless modules.

Which version wheel, or which version Simucube?

I’m still a little confused.

FW, as it was reply to Mika’s post.

Support was added in 2021.11 version for Simucube 2, and also mentioned in the changelog. There is no planned support for Simucube 1, unless I finally find time to port the new firmware to that as a Saturday evening project - but not looking very promising.

Due to global component shortage, we have had production issues with the new wireless wheel module and its been very hard to get them out to wheel builders.