Ascher F28 V2 not able to connect

I am unable to get my new simucube 2 pro to search for or connect to my Ascher wireless wheel and feel that I must be missing something obvious. The wheel is in discovery mode and my computer is able to connect to it via Bluetooth. I am running the latest truedrive software (Nov 27). Anyone have any idea what the issue could be? The wheelbase is great so far except this issue but I’ve had to resort to shifting with my keyboard

You should not try to connect to the wheel via your PC bluetooth at all.

Does True Drive not show the wheel in the Wireless wheels tab when you turn it on?

It does not show up in the wireless wheel section at all. I appreciate your prompt assistance

It is working now. I apologize for wasting your time. It just took multiple reboots of my PC. Thank you again.

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