Ascher F28 not connecting

I got my ascher steering wheel about 2 years ago, never had a problem with it. I’ve been running it without the antenna for a while, and left it for about a month.

When I got back, the sterrring wheel was not connecting to my Simcube base, and after replacing the battery, holding the paddles for 1 second no longer makes it beep. What problem could this be? I can’t connect it because the wheel never goes into the connecting mode

Wheel goes into the connecting mode as soon as you turn it on. Then it stays in the mode for 30 seconds, and only then you need to use the paddle shifters to wake up the wheel again.

Whenever the wheel is in the connections mode the led on the wheel will blink. Does that happen?

Which antenna are you missing?

When I turn on the wheel the green light just flashes every 2 seconds. After 30 seconds nothing happens and it continues to blink, holding the paddles does nothing. It goes for hours and hours just blinking with no response from the paddles. Any idea?

I left the switch on the wheel on last night, and this morning the battery is dead I believe

It is likely so empty battery that it starts to advertise for a second and then immediately reboots.

There have been several occasions where the new ER14250 or LS14250 batteries have been empty after being stored for a long while.

CR14250 battery will also work just fine, and that battery is not as susceptible to the issue where the wheel will just reboot on empty charge - you will be able to observe the voltage dropping in nominal use.

No, the wheel turns on fine (still have the issue) with new (different types) of batteries, but it’s some sort of glitch. Thank you though