Ascher button plate having intermittent disconnects

Hi Guys,

I have a customer with Simucube, AKM52 and Ascher button plate with the metal housing and Q1R.
He is having random button disconnects.
This is one of those cases where if you remove the button plate from the motor via the Q1R the buttons work ok. So it is ground loop or emi.

I have never had a person have this issue, and I do not remember others remedies for this. HELP would be greatly appreciated.


Joe, ground one of the GND pins on the controller to the metal housing, make sure it makes meta-metal contact.

If it has been already done, then I’m out of ideas…

Thanks Beano,

I do not have his button plate here, but I do have another new one. I will open it and take a look.
Do you sometimes have to remove some of the powder coat on the Q1R to bare metal then do the same on a corresponding spot on the button plate when using your AKM motors?

Talk soon,

Hi Joe,
Yes, that’s how I always do it, right around the mounting-hole on one of the bolts on the QR, just use a drill-bit to strip the anodizing off, then solder a decent quality lug to a short ground wire and you’re set.

That eliminates the issue for me completely, the last time I had these kind of button-ghost/fail-to-actuate issues were back in the Argon days. Since discovering/testing this fix, never had problems again.

Beano When you are home next could you shoot me a pic?

Can do, I might have one in the BF3 build, or perhaps the BF2 build, will search for it!

In the attached photo, you will notice the bottom-left bolt for the QR1…there’s a lug with a blue wire running to a gnd pin on the BBI-32 board…

Anyway, I have used a 12mm drill-bit to ’ clean’ some of the anodizing around the bolt-hole, and the metal-lug makes god contact with the exposed aluminium…

Thanks Beano!
Ok now I get the idea I was not sure where you were hooking up the other end. You are going to the ground on the bodnar board.

Yep, just any of the button-GND pins on the BBi-32, they are all common to each other, and connected to the main GND on the circuitry…

Hopefully you get that one sorted :slight_smile:

I would get in touch with Ascher perhaps?
When I bought my C26L it was already setup to be properly grounded (confirmed by Martin Ascher) and I have had no problems at all.
I do have my MiGe and rig grounded via a grounding cable I constructed that plugs directly into a wall power socket, so perhaps that’s why I don’t have issues?