Ascher b24m + Q1R quick release

Hello friends…

that post doesnt have anything with simucube or granite devices… and if it not ok, please delete it and sorry!

I need help… :slight_smile:

last day my new Q1R quick release arrived with dhl from

and I mount it on my Momo steering wheel and Ascher B24M button plate…

but Q1R is not in line with button plate… Is quick release like that on purpose or defect? :slight_smile:

look at photos

Hey Mate,
That’s the way the Q1R is designed and subsequent clamping pressure application. It doesn’t always sit perpendicular to each other.

Not an issue at all and will have zero impact on how you drive. It might cause some imbalance when the wheel spins freely, but that will very seldomly happen.

It’s the same situation when you have a wheel that mounts off-Center, which we have many examples of. If it runs away, simply hit the e-stop.

I own a few Q1R’s and have used them for quite many years, only recently replaced by the HRS Xero-play. So, no issue, use with confidence.

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Oh ok, Thank you! I must ask before use… because I saw with my eye first… so better to ask:) thanks again

Cheers Mate, all good :blush: