Argon with Bis C small mige

I have an argon unit sitting here collecting dust since 2015, it’s a Dennis Reimer kit. I had a thought about running it on one of my demonstration cockpits. So I contacted Liza from Mige and ordered a Mige 130ST-AM10010 with Bis-c encoder (YD28J7Za-E 32-11).
Now instead of the regular 12 pins, this encoder has only 7 pins. All I know and remember is that this unit was used previously with a Mige Motor. This Reimer kit is composed of Argon Drive a 24V PSU a large breaking resistor, and a discovery board coupled with a subboard created by Dennis Reimer. Connections are an NLT4M for power, a 15-pin encoder terminal, a 9-pin E stop terminal, and a USB-B connector.

My question is the following:

Do I need to rewire anything to run this Motor on my Argon?
Would the unit do the starting phase without an Estop connected? The Estop was somehow damaged and I hardwired it using 2 jump wires to the 2 and 6 ports respectively.

When connected to the PC the Blue LED on the sub-board is solid while the red one is flashing and the MMO’s software recognizes the kit and I do have a small jerk left and right on the shaft. Trying to center the wheel and rotate the shaft manually would not end in a soft lock despite loading a profile of 900 DOR.

The MMO’s version is firmware model around January 2015, PWM Mode to PWM and Dir, 16.8Khz, Encoder CPR 60000.

I did hook the controller up to a brand new Mige 130ST-AM10010 DFP model that comes with the VRS DFP for testing (YD28J15Z-E 22-11) 15 Pins, Yeilding the same result, a jerk left and right and nothing.

Am I missing something? isn’t this supposed to be plug-and-play?

Thank you for your help in advance.

Note that the jumper wires I did for the Estop are different from the ones in the picture above, these were soldered previously to the back of the board.

Mmos only supports quadrature signaled incremental encoders.

and I also think that our Argon firmware never had support for BiSS-C encoders.

I don’t know if someone developed the open source user side firmware for it that would have that support but I also think the servo driver side would need support in order for the servo drive itself to work.