Argon undervoltage, no phasing and init



My hardware configuration:
-Small Mige

Problems arise when:
-all of a sudden between two restarts, no phasing when powering on. Connecting to granity, there is no voltage, faults read undervoltage, LD3 SL error (undervoltage)

Controller works, I have input working but no drive to the servo

How it behaves:
-no drive, no phasing

Granity faults:

Fault as shown

SMT top right LED flashes red


You use 2 psu ? Can you show all tabs from granity ?


HV bus voltage seems low. Do you hear one or two relay clicks from Argon when you power-on the system?


The Argon has its own PSU built inside, and I have an additional MW for 5V.

Same setup as this one:




I hear one loud click from the Argon.
Tomorrow I’ll check if the power gets to the Argon at all. I don’t have a multimeter at hand tonight.

My best hope for now is that it’s the fuse of the power input.


Sorry that’s what i meant , one psu from argon and what is the second one.


MW RS 25-24:


Look at GD wiki about R7 resistor issue on Argon, I suspect this could be your problem perhaps.

Also check if the output of the logic 24V psu is fine…it should be, but make sure anyway.



Alright, after attacking it with a multimeter, the R7 resistor doesn’t give resistance, can it be that, then? Shouldn’t be a nightmare to replace if so.


Yep, that’s the one…


Thank you, replaced the resistor and it’s back to working. Good job on the fast diagnosis.


You’re welcome :wink: Happy days for you!