Argon Small Mige FFB not working

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My hardware configuration:
-Mige 130ST-M10010
-Latest FW

Problems arise when:
-Made a mess for myself and thought that Simucube software should work on an Argon drive, managed to flash the argon and load SC FW on the drive,which didn’t work, idiot me, even said with big red letters that the Simucube didn’t work on the argon drive. Anyways.
After much faffing around I’ve managed to get everything flushed and loaded the proper Firmware for the Argon and the Disco board, so now the Argon firmware is on and read by Granity, and the correct MMoS firmware is loaded on the disco board. Managed to source a drc file for the motor, and set that up, all settings double checked by Tomo from SimRacingBay.

How it behaves:
-Wheel turns on and phases as expected, can center wheel and get offset value in Mmos, loading up RRE, can set axis and wheel will turn, but the FFB will not work, and wheel gets very notchy and heavy to turn when ingame, its like I have to force it over big tops, and then falls down into next valley for then needing to be forced over next top again.

I’m at loss to what it is, have searched all over internet, and can’t find anyone with the same experience.

I have attached following files:
I am getting these faults in Granity, but don’t know what to read of them

Granity%20fault%201 Granity%20fault%202
-(consider adding saved Granity configuration file .drc)

Thanks for any help you can give
Best regards

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does the wheel rotation match the Position Feedback and your Counts Per Revolution (4*PPR) value in Granity?

Hi Mika

Thank you for your quick reply

I’m also getting this fault message when I try to turn the wheel to check the position feedback

And the wheel disconnects from Granity

After carefully turning my wheel 360 degrees, I got a reading of 20.000 on my position feedback

there might be some interference affecting the Argon connection, I can’t see any other reason that explains it.

It is a strange one, wheels been working flawless until I stupidly tried to install simucube on it.
Other than that, nothing is changed, what type of interference can cause something like this?

wrong settings in the MMOS for the feedback PPR value, perhaps. If you have 5000 PPR (20000 CPR) resolution in Granity, then MMOS should have 20000.

As far as I know the motor is a 10000 ppr, and that has been the setting used in mmos until i messed it up.

Settings today is 10000 ppr in granity and 40000 cpr in mmos.

I can try with 5000 ppr and 20000 cpr and what results I get.

Will this explain the strange ffb behavior?

The FFB will feel horrible if you have a 10k ppr and have the settings loaded as 5k.

Don’t forget that you have to change the settings on the hardware tab in Granity to the correct setting 10k in this example.
MMOS will be to be set at 40k

Also be sure to try to get the offset number that you see at the top of the screen in MMOS to be + - 1000 in MMOS or the wheel might act oddly.

It is very possible that you may have to turn the wheel a revolution or more to achieve this since you have reflashed everything and likely have rotated the wheel before getting MMOS properly set up.

Hi Joe

Thanks for trying to help.

Settings in both Granity and MMos is set correct for 10k ppr, Mmos is showing offset around -70 when centering.

Thats the odd thing about this, everything seems to be correct, but theres still something not working.

Next thing that might be an option would be doing a factory reset of all the components and then reintroduce the firmwares, but I don’t know how to do that. Or if its possible?

I would try updating the Argon software again.

To be totally honest I would have to read the instructions on how to do it. I have not done one in a few years.

Was the drc that you used for the Argon?

I will dig thru my old files and see if I still have a copy.

I’ve been using a drc for a 5000 ppr argon device I got from Tomo, and changed ppr setting in Granity. Would really appreciate it if someone could manage to get a correct file for me to try.


FW 2.1, 10K encoder, small Mige, 110v.

Andrew10000ppUnlimitedtbwFW2.1.drc (7.4 KB)

Thanks, I’ll give it a try, I’m on 230V tho, but should be enough to just change voltage in Granity after loading.

[FOV] and [FUV] found under the Fault Limits. exact values should be suggested on help page.
2.1 FW is here
Make sure to get simulator wheel build

Don’t know whats going on here, I get the wheel to work, but FFB is weak, and there is no self alligning torque, in addition the wheel feels sligthly notchy.

I’m using your DRC with the voltages corrected Andrew. By the way, thank you very much for trying to help out here.

Hi all
A little update on my problem, after letting it sit for a while I’ve started to look into this again.
I have on Mika’s advice rolled back both Granity version and Argon FW to an earlier version.
My FFB is still wonky, but there is some progress. In game, I can now assign axis and the degree of rotation match up with wheel, when driving there is forces, mainly bumps and jolts when driving over curbs and things like that and they behave as expected. But, there is no self alligning torque felt, and the wheel when driving will want to turn ca 45 degrees to the left or right, like there is a hollow it will drop into. Don’t know any better way of explaining it.

I have verified all motor settings with other builds with same hardware, and I still can’t get it to work correctly.

If anyone can point me in the right direction to fix my problem, it would be highly appreciated.
Thanks RWB Audi

Edit, when connected and moving wheel it will dsiconnect from granity with this error message

Hi All
Just want to report back that my troubles are now resolved.

All is due to tireless backup and help from Mika and Esa, you have gone beyond what is to be expected in supporting and helping me solve a problem I myself created on a device not sold by you.

This shows the dedication and kindness given by the Granite Devices team, I am forever grateful, and rest assured, if I’m in the market for an upgrade, it will most definetely be a granite device.

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Best regards Audun


That is wonderful!

Would you share what the final solution was? We may be able to help someone else at a later date.

The encoder had wrong settings. In MMOS, it doesn’t affect servo drive operation if one puts wrong settings there, but if user just remembers that setting and puts it to servo drive, things will go wrong.

In additional, there were some EMI problems in his unit causing loss of communication with Granity.