Argon Simplemotion comunication error

I have a question regarding Argon with error LSSS (SimplemotionV2 connection error) from j2 when trying to comunicate with granity software

My hardware configuration:
ARGON latest firmware

no comunication with granity, J2.1 is being used
J2 leds blink the LSSS sequence if RJ45 connected to Simplemotion
The problem started while doing some tuning in the granity, after a restart it stopped working

How it behaves:
-on com port mode in granity the pop up is empty, sometimes locks up, on the usb it hangs on ID 1-255 random… usualy 1 or 4… when i unplug the cable it runs to 255 and on pop-up its obviouly empty
Already tried like 4 RJ45 cables. Never tried the other RJ45 port.

Can i connect the SimplemotionV2 to port J2.2? its a OSW… its working at the moment and dont want to risk and burn the other RJ45…just wanted to be able to change motor settings…
How can i test the Simplemotion? When i do the USB mode the light on the right turns on…