Argon PWM output?

Hi there. We’re considering the Argon platform for our servos, and I’m wondering how suitable the digital outputs are for generating PWM signals. How quickly can they be toggled / what’s their maximum frequency?

Also, which stm32f2xx-chip is used in the Argon?

Hi @AndreasD!

For your reference, here are snippets of Argon I/O side schematics that can provide deep understanding of how things can be made.

I/O side MCU & few inputs:

Encoder connector I/O interfacin:

Optoisolated I/O:

In short, you might wan to check which pins of that STM32 can produce PWM output by timer peripherals. If that doesn’t work, you can use software to drive any GPIO pin.

The optoisolators are quite low speed types, so don’t expect more than few kHz output from them.

I hope this helps!