Argon motor output current

I have a question regarding (product) regarding (issue).

My hardware configuration:
-MT30F4-45 Ferrote brushes DC servo motor
-FW version: Latest
-SIgnal command ± to control the servo amplifiers drivers

Problems arise when:
-I am interested to know if the Argon drive could control my dc motor, it is 21A nominal current max and support 140V DC nominal voltage max. The wiki says the Argon typical current is 12A but on the Argon frame I see 25A max output current.
I see this confusing. This dc motors are X and Z axis on lathe.

I also would like to share that additional pictures.

Hi Antolin

Argon’s current capability is 12 A continuous and 18 A momentarily. Both values are peak of sine.

In which page did you read 25 A?

High currents are usually needed in acceleration, and most likely Argon can drive your lathe well enough. My biggest question is, how large chip load you will have, even though you are controlling just the axes, not the spindle. Lightening the load should also easen the power needed to drive the axis somewhat.

However, this is just speculation as the lathe mechanics also have an effect to the power requirements.

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Hi, the 25A is on the Argon’s namaplete information.
What if I need a max torque of my motor, the argon suply the enough current?
And about the chip load, we have 3000rpm max and 45RPM min, the max x, y axes feed rate is 1000mm/min.
I am really sorry I do not know how to calculate the chip load of my lathe cnc.

I appreciate your help.
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