Argon -Mige 130ST-M10010 drc file full power

My hardware configuration:
-Mige 130ST-M10010
-Latest FW

ı want change my argon drc file but ı have this error
ı dont unterstand this

Andrew10000ppUnlimitedtbwFW2.1.drc (7.4 KB)

For Argon, you need to calculate different current values to achieve the nominal rated torque as the voltage is different to our IONI servo drives.

How do I calculate? I’m afraid of doing something wrong

Is there any resource on this?

Can you help

Which voltage are you running the Argon at?

serhatargon.drc (7.5 KB)

this my settings but i don’t know if i’m safe

I found some old screen shots of the settings I used.

I don’t remember if that was full power?


drive fault limit is dont work on my argon

Hi Sambabaa

Mige 130ST-M10010 is rated to 4.5 A continuous current. Peak torque is rated to 20 Nm, and 9.09 A yields this. These are RMS values, and in Granity you enter values in peak-of-sine values. Multiplicating the RMS value by 1.414 (square root of 2) you get pos-values.

MCC = 4.5 * 1.414 = 6.363 A.
MMC = 9.091 * 1.414 = 12.85 A.


Using Argon with much higher voltage only means that you’ll get really higher maximum rpm out of the motor. Please also take care of safety when using mains voltage.

Kind regards, Esa