Argon Initializing

I have 2xArgon and MiGe 1000W motors.
Both were configured on the table with SimpleMotion V2 USB Adapter and they worked perfectly.
Now I have mounted them physically to the machine wihtout any transmission components and either both Argon’s won’t initialize anymore.
Errors, voltages etc:
[ ] Initialized !
[X] Permanent stop !
[X] Fault stopped !
[X] Power stage forced off !
[X] Under voltage !
X] Init !

Fault location ID1 6603 ?
Fault location ID2 0 ?

Analog in 1 -0.05 V
Analog in 2 -0.04 V
Analog Enc A 0.88 V
Analog Enc B -0.93 V

HV bus voltage 330.6 VDC
Actual current limit ±0.0 A
Last limit reason Settings
Output current 0.00 A
Velocity feedback 0 r/s
Velocity feedback (raw) 0
Position feedback 0
Setpoint value -100

Debug 1 0
Debug 2 0
Debug 3 0
Debug 4 -1
Debug 5 -1
Debug 6 -1

Any Ideas?

One cable of the motor was faulty and had caused kind of ground loop.
Seems working now.

Hi Pargon

Good to gear that you got the issue solved.

Kind regards,