Argon for NSK Megatorque motor series

I have a question regarding Argon regarding compatibility.

My hardware configuration:
-NSK megatorque motor p/n: M-YS3040FG001
-latest argon firmware

I am interested in trying this motor for an open source sim racing wheel project. Mostly because I acquired the motor for a good price, but it also seems like the high amount of torque it can apply for low power would be good for a sim wheel; albeit the speed is much lower. However, I have not seen any examples of these high torque motors being used with an argon drive so I am afraid I may be missing something. Is there any reason this type of motor would not be compatible with Argon?

Here is a link to the motor manual:

Of interest:
standard NSK ESA motor drive is 0.9 kVA
I am still searching for the motor input voltage/current but the similar M-PS3060KN002 (60Nm peak torque instead of 40) runs on 0-240Vrms 3-phase at a max of 4.16Arms

I ultimately want to use a STM32F4 discovery board to control the motor like many other open source wheel projects. I believe the standard NSK drive will not work with that because it needs a pulse train or +/-10V DC analog input, another reason the Argon drive seems like it would work well.


The datasheet/manual notes three unconnected phase wires so it might be possible to be used in either star or delta configuration. This is an assumption though as there isn’t much details of the motor winding, nor magnetic pole count.

The encoder seems to be incremental, so that works with Argon

Kind regards, Esa

Thanks for the feedback. from the information I have been able to find so far on the speed and power input it seems like the pole count might be quite high (around 200?). I need to take a closer look at the motor itself to see if I can find out more. Does the Argon have limitations on winding/pole count?

Thought I saw that the encoder was a resolver, either way that part seems okay.


Argon accepts up to 200 poles.

Kind regards, Esa