Argon driver on KUKA 1FK6100-8AF91-1ZZ9-Z S49 Servo

Dear Community,

We have a spare KUKA 1FK6100-8AF91-1ZZ9-Z S49 Servo sitting next to our robot that we would like to drive (KUKA does not support this motor anymore). According to the Argon documentation, it is suitable for the 1FK6100-8AF91-1ZZ9-Z S09, which is an almost identical part number, except for the penultimate digit (4 vs. 0). Otherwise the specs seem to be mostly the same from what i saw.

Does anyone have experience with KUKA servos? Will Argon work for driving the motor? Documentation on the servos seems rather scarce to nonexistent…



Hi Naigner

That motor has 9,5A current rating and 156V nominal voltage so yes, Argon can drive it well. Please note that Argon has peak current capability of 18A peak-of-sine, so the maximum peak torque might not be available.

I was unabe to find any exact information of the encoder the motor has. This will not be an issue, since it’s possible (and quite easy also) to replace the encoder with a supported type, e.g. incremental or sincos.

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Great, thank you for the response! That solves the issue for me so far - basically I needed to know if there was any major mismatch that would fry my components.