Argon drc file unsupported error

hello i want to set up servo for argon but i get error because drc file is not supported.and how do i update argon firmware

What motor/encoder do you have?

ı have small mige and 10000 ppr encoder

I will dig thru my old files and see if I can find a drc file for you. and you can find firmware releases here

why don’t you use the latest granity software ? you can find it here

I don’t know why the drc doesn’t load but you can edit it with a notepad and see all the values there and insert them to granity by hand.

Sorry I have not found an Argon Mige drc yet.
I did find some screen shots.
You will need to change on the machine tab:
PPR from 5000 to 10000 if you do indeed have a 10K encoder.



If I get a chance next week I will get an Argon build off of the shelf and copy the drc off of it for you.
Sorry too much going on at the moment do do it now.

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