Argon and Kollmorgen AKM52G diy Encoder Wiring

i got a Kollmorgen AKM52G with a 10000 Quadratur encoder for small money, but without encoder cable.

i use this setup as direct drive wheel.

i have a another cable with different plug from an old servo. but this cable only has 10 wires.,
i want to connect these pins
+5 V
and screen

U, V , W i dont want to connect.

will the encoder work without the hall sensors connected ?

when i dont connect a-, b- and z- i get errors reading the encoder ?



Yes, likely the pins are then floating and you get random readings.

Hi Jens,
As per Mika, you don’t need UVW connection. Also, if your encoder uses diff pair signalling, you need to connect both +/- signals.

Some encoders are single-ended signalling, and if memory serves, Argon is ok with that. Mika can confirm. But in your case, most of the quadrature encoders fitted to Kollmorgen servos are differential signalling.

Thank you.
Now I know what I have to do.

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I finished the wiring of the encoder.
Encoder signal a and b is working. ENC C is always grey even when I turn the wheel 720 degrees.
Maybe there is a small error there.
What will happen when i accidently swapped C and C+ ?