Argon AC Supply with US split-phase ( two-wire 240V )?

Hi Forum. I assume I cannot do this given the labeling of input terminal on J4 as Neutral and the fact that fuse exists only on L (although I could certainly inline a fuse on N) ?



This kind of wiring will need inline fuse. Also, earthing must be done very carefully!

Please note, that you will not get 240V fron line voltage, only approx. 207V.

Kind regards, Esa

Hi Esa. Thank you for taking time to answer. In this particular case of United States residential service the two lines of 120V are 180 degrees out of phase ( commonly referred to as split-phase ) and so the voltage across both L is 240V. I believe you thought that I was going to use two lines of three phase which because the lines are 120 degrees out of phase from one another would result in 208V across both L. Regardless your answer serves to tell me that a hot wire can be connected to N terminal of Argon as long as fused and ensuring that earthing is properly done. Appreciatively, Sven

Hi Nurber

Yes, I assumed three phase system :).

N and L lines have a bridge rectifier, so this is possible.

Kind regards, Esa

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