Arcade/SimCade games and SimuCUBE?

I guess there’s GIMX… And I know some have had success with tools like Forza EmuWheel (vJoy based)… And I know it’s going to be niche, using high end sim products for arcade style racing games. Just wanting to hear other’s experiences with getting their OSW working with games such as Forza, The Crew, Gravel, WRC 7, and others that don’t easily map the OSW (or map and give no FFB).

Would be really amazing if SimuCUBE could have an option where it could do the emulation for you, so that the game thinks it’s a Logitech controller, etc… but I guess there would be licensing issues? Would love to hear others thoughts.

I tried Forza 7 and horizon 3 with Simucube. Works great with emuwheel…
Wondering if it’s possible to use in Sebastian Loeb rally,vrally4 and wrc games:) would be nice with some fun in those:)

No luck on Dakar 18, even after few patches. But appears V-Rally 4 works with SimuCUBE. Should be good news for WRC 8 (same devs). Not sure if SLRE works with the RFPE plugin that was designed to help mixed input users.

Can you describe the problem with Dakar 18? Can’t map controls, or the FFB does not work?

V-Rally 4 is very jerky with Simucube and no problem with a joystick

Are there any reports on how it feels with other, non-DD wheels?

I read on different forums that V-Rally 4 works properly with non-dd steering wheels

Also to note, unfortunately Forza EmuWheel tool isn’t working for Horizion 4… wheel is able to map and calibrate, but zero force feedback. Has been confirmed by the tools developer that vJoy is getting no FFB data from FH4, and because of that his tool doesn’t work.

Mika. For Dakar 18. To start there was no apparent ability to map wheels, at all. Then after a few patches there was, but it was broken and with my setup it would always detect some axis (unsure if simucube or pedals) moving and force map it to every control (cause it saw what must had been the most minimal constant activity from it). And then the devs came out with this…

But to be honest, I don’t care enough about the game to go thru this for each of my inputs (SimuCUBE, SLI-Pro for buttons and Bodnar based chips for PT2 pedals) for it to maybe work. Also hearing those who got it working for their unsupported/undetected devices have either massive deadzone, or very poor FFB (or complete lack of FFB). It’s now been refunded, as my window to do this was running out. Maybe I’ll check back with them in few months if I hear good news from other users.

V-Rally 4 I only had for a short while before refunding for other reasons. Force feedback wasn’t great, but it’s hard to say if it was more of a wheel thing or a game thing.

I didn’t get any ffb from vrally4? Why? Could map everything but no ffb at all… how did you guys do it?

I wonder what directinput effects it uses. Do you have DirectInput effects at their default settings (100%)?

@djfil007 how did you get FFB in vrally4? I have no ffb

I did test Forza horizon 4 with gimx and it’s works :slight_smile: and it’s alot of fun, especially with rally cars:)

Sorry. I don’t recall having to do much except create a new profile. I’ve since refunded the game, gameplay/physics wasn’t my cup of tea (even as a casual/arcade game).

can you share your gimx configuration file for Forza horizon 4 ?

Yes, ill do it tomorrow

what pedals do you use?

I have T3pa pro and th8pa shifter, prosim handbrake

I have got Grid 2 for free a week or so ago. Is it worth installing?

I did install it, but had some problems to calibrate. But ffb is working, had got the time to test more then 5minutes

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