Any new about the Simucube 3

What year can I expect a simcube 3 ? I have the Simcube 2 and worry about the longevity.

No news about a next wheel base yet.

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man, hope… that an SC3 is not annunced , at least, for the next 4 year.
( hope ).

why ? a new product is always good if it’s better

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Because the hardware count nothing without software… and software here… is 2 decades old.
you don’t have to buy any other hardware before to fully utilize this where GD, said that the power or the new electronics and new ARM chips will allow incredible and revolutionary effects.

this device is not joystick or joypad or toys or smartphone.


As servo SC2 is top of the line and there is nothing in the world that can improve on that.
SW on the other hand has lots of room for improvement and this is from what Mika was posting before is in company’s plans.
The only other thing that can be better is QR (not a big deal if you use 3rd party release with Ascher or like adapter) and communication protocol if you are fancy to get rid of trusted USB cable.


Better QR I understand especially for people who would like maybe powered wheels, but turning SC wireless into default BT doesn’t necessary make it any better, just compatible with other wheelbases.
I doubt you meant the wireless protocol itself as there shouldn’t be anything wrong with it or?

I agree also that HW wise there isn’t anything drastic to change to make it better, it’s already made of probably the best parts currently available anyway. Majority of the people are most likely not using the base to it’s fullest anyway.
So the improvements come from software.

Hello, just to add something to my previous post that sounds unintentionally a little bit harsh .

i want to clarify that my sentence “two decades old” is just to say that … miracle is not possibile on a context where software side, expecially from simulators and FFB implementations, have 20/30 years of stall.

It’s a simple signal that go in contrast at various speeds “frequencies” left <> right… no more than that.

True Drive offers a good variety of useful settings but somethings have to be implemented to improve some aspects.

there are some of my suggestions/new features for true drive. and one member of GD like this a lot :).
i think Mika+teammates are working on that.

Some features wishlist for TD Paddock v2

Auto switch profile
Per car
Per track
Per game

TD have to ASK

A new track , car combination Is detected from this game… want to create a new profile ? Yes
Want to auto load this new profile next time this combination is detected ? YES.
want to made this profile available on TD online paddock? … Yes

Recon filter 2
Integrated SoP effect
In firmware detail enhancer ( irffb like FX )

Simucube2 aggregated Device
A way for TD to LINK other dinput or xinput device like button boxes / pedals / wheels etc, and control them from TD with dead zones, linearity , button assignements etc + auto HID-HIDE linked device. The result have to be a New virtual device with 4 axes 128 buttons , encoders, switches, shifters ecc. One unique big ( Simucube2 steering wheel device )

Telemetry/Value view for current and peak torque “probably possibile only if some sensors are already available on the electronics pcb’s”

TRUE DRIVE Special Key
Internal special Key that when pressed uses preassigned buttons / Rotary / switches to change Value like :
Slew rate
Static force reduction
When pressed again , buttons return to normal game assignements ( its like the Shift Key in ACC )

NEW TRUE drive Dynamic Dampening based on telemetry

750 max characters on paddock Profile instead of 500

What is the point of different TD profile for every single car/track combo?
This is not a car setup, don’t you want specific car model physics traits shown through the same lens FFB?


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